I Forgot

“Forgetfulness is a form of freedom.” Kahill Gibran

How often do we say, “I forgot….the keys, the sweater, the birthday, the number, etc.”? For most of us of a certain age, some forgetfulness is routine. But what about those whose life is slipping away, those who have passed up forgetfulness and are sitting in dementia?

As I interview folks for my book on mother loss, I find it particularly heartrending when I talk to daughters who are losing their mothers to Alzheimer’s disease. One woman said, “My mother is lost but not gone.” This mother has forgotten her daughter and everyone else who used to be important to her yet she is still alive and may live for many more years. One daughter’s story exemplified Gibran’s quote. She said, “My mother used to have great anxiety and worry. As a result, she was often angry and depressed. Now, because of her dementia, she is free of worry and is experiencing joy.” Of course, this daughter knows that her mother’s situation will worsen but in the meantime she is embracing the moment.

Perhaps you have lost or are losing your mother to this terrible disease. I can’t imagine what pain you’re experiencing but I can stand beside you and support you through it.

Affirmation: My brain is alive and well.

Coaching question: What does your ability to think, remember, reason mean to you?

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