“So long as the memory of certain beloved friends lives in my heart, I shall say that life is good.” Helen Keller

A woman I spoke with who had lost her mother years ago called her sudden memories “bubble-ups.” One bubble-up for her was, “My mother had many friends, sometimes I wonder where they were after she died.” One of my bubble-ups is whenever I hear The Prayer on the radio, I think of Keith’s and my wedding. Another one is when the University of Nebraska football team takes the field, I can’t help but shed a tear…my dad is right there. We are frequently blind-sighted by our bubble-ups. A memory suddenly assails us and brings tears…perhaps many years after the death of a loved one. It’s normal and okay.

Affirmation: My tears are beautiful.

Coaching questions: What “bubble-ups”  have you had? How have you handled them?

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