Feel the Burn

“The reason I exercise is for the quality of life I enjoy.” Kenneth H. Cooper

I’m blessed with good genes. At almost 73, I take no meds and generally feel great. I’m a lucky gal. However, I honor my good genes (once I was out of my 30’s, it was all gravy to me as my mother and grandmother both died in their 30’s) and my “good luck” by healthy living. Fresh, healthy, mostly home cooked food, lots of sleep, an active faith, regular exercise, and a support group of non-toxic, loving friends and family, is a great recipe for good health.

Exercise is especially important for folks experiencing emotional trauma or those who are care-givers. Take time for personal care. Make it a top priority. You’re worth it!!

Affirmation: I am worth taking care of.

Coaching question: What do you need to do to physically be the best you can be? What one thing will you add to you life this week to move your good health meter forward?

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