It’s About Attitude, Baby!

“The way we see the world is the way we experience the world.” Sonja Lyubomirsky, Psychologist as quoted from The Book of Joy

I’m a naturally positive person. My friend, Bev, says I have a “joy gene.” Sometimes my joy gene presents an unpopular view. A person in my writing critique group read a section of my upcoming book and said, “I’d never buy this book…it’s too positive.” That gave me a little pause..then it I dug in deeper.  Even as a teenager I was told by a camp counselor once that “life will catch up with you sometime.” In other words, she was saying that someday my joy would be eclipsed by life events. Well, folks, I’m happy to say…it hasn’t happened it yet.

According to Susan Cain, author of QUIET: The Power of Introverts, “If you’ve interpreted the events of your life to mean that you’re innately unlucky or unwise, then its hard to look optimistically at the future. Conversely, if you acknowledge the you’ve made mistakes and faced difficulties but seek (or have already glimpsed) redemption, you’ll feel a much greater sense of agency over your life (and your future).”

Affirmation: I am joy-filled.

Coaching questions: How do you see the world? How is that working for you?

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