Quilts and Gardens

Creativity is contagious, past it on. Albert Einstein

I lost two precious girlfriends this year. Both were voracious quilters and gardeners. Both died unexpectedly. Both left tangible evidence of their amazing creativity. I’m grateful for their legacies in my life.

About 15 years ago, my son, Dan, saw a blue jean quilt in a Martha Stewart magazine and asked if I would make him one. Not being a quilter, I was skeptical but he was eager and brought me all the supplies including huge jeans he found at thrift stores. I made that one-time quilt and he still has it. He told his all-women coworkers about it once and they asked him to bring it in. He told me what they said.  “Your mom sure loves you.” As loved ones remember my dear friends, a similar story could be repeated many, many times.

Affirmation: I am creative.

Coaching questions: Do you have something that belonged to your mom that is special to you? What will you leave for your children to remember you by?

One thought on “Quilts and Gardens

  1. I don’t have anything special. But I do have memories of songs she used to sing. Just a few hours ago one of her songs was playing on TV and I said to my husband, “That was one of my mother’s favorites.” She has been gone for over 50 years now so the song was very old too.

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