Talking To Myself

You are far too smart to be the only thing standing in your way. Jennifer Freeman

As many of you know, I’m a big believer in affirmations. These mini-sentences or short phrases have helped get me through some tough times, promoted a positive attitude, and kept me on a “best friend” status with myself. There were times when I posted an affirmation on my bathroom mirror, kept it in my wallet, or pinned it to my bulletin board. After the death of my late husband, Keith, I felt compelled to write my first book, Ribbons of Love…affirmations for abundant living, because I wanted others to benefit from affirmations as well.

In the online newsletter Unstuck, they put out a call for mantras which are similar to affirmations. The quote today is one of them, here are a few others:

Slipping backward? You may be backing up to get a running start. Dan Millman

Handshake your fear. Unknown

My favorite mantra is from the Bible, This is the day the Lord has made…rejoice and be glad in it!

If you are sad, mad, grieving, or angry, affirmations can help pull you forward. Give them a try…you may find they make a difference.

Affirmation: I will rejoice and be glad.

Coaching questions: What’s your mantra? What’s a favorite affirmation? How might your life be pulled forward if you use one?



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