Mindfulness: a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the preset moment. Coach T, http://coachT.blog

I’ve met some interesting people in “Blog-ville”…fellow bloggers. One is Coach T who blogs about mindfulness (he’s cute too). After reading his introductory post, I took a walk around a park district lake. I usually hurry past the many signs on benches and trees. But the mindfulness reminder got me to slow down, read and take photos of the inscriptions. I was moved by the love expressed by those who had lost daughters, sons, parents, friends. Sweet messages like, “My son Nick, the most precious part of my life, you will live in any heart forever. I cherish our memories and love you very much. Your Mom.” Next to a yellow flowering tabebuia tree, “Jennie Carlton Bowles, 1904-199. Her positive outlook affected all who knew her.” On a bench plaque, “Dear Lord, Thank you for looking over Anthony on August 7, 2011. Love, The Giarrusso Family.” So many stories, so much love.

This one is my favorite:IMG_2210


Affirmation: I am mindful.

Coaching question: What might you discover if you practice mindfulness?

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