Hat Day

Hats make people feel good and that’s the point of them. Philip Treacy, an Irish milliner and designer based in London (born on my daughter Katie’s birthday, May 26).

Once a year in May, Newcomers Club of Marco Island, has Hat Day, a day when we all wear hats to the meeting. Newcomers is a monthly women’s group that I enjoy because it gives me a chance to dress up, meet new people, eat a lovely lunch, and listen to a program in a beautiful setting.

I especially relish Hat Day as I’m one of those rare birds who actually likes hats. Also, I think wearing a hat not only brings out the glamorous side of a woman, for me it also brings out the little girl.

As a youngster, I played a lot of dress up. I had a WWII footlocker of my dad’s that was full of cast-off ladies’ dresses, high heels, gloves, and hats. When my friends and I dressed up and “played house” with our dolls, the dads were always away at war…we were children of the 40s and 50s. I have many fond memories of role playing a mother, wife, and lovely lady wearing a hat.

Affirmation: My little girl inside is alive and well.

Coaching questions: What brings out the little girl in you? Why is it important for her to “come out and play” from time to time?

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