Let’s Get Happy

I’ve been claiming happiness for a long time, dreaming big dreams and using the outcomes of those dreams to bring beauty into my own life and to serve others. Oprah

People want to be happy but when asked what makes them happy, some folks dither and aren’t sure. As Dr. Phil says, “You’ve gotta name it to claim it.” Like Oprah, making a difference in the lives of others has always brought me true joy. To me happiness is more of an “in the moment” sort of thing.

Puppies and babies make my daughter, Katie, happy. Watching the birds from her kitchen window makes my friend, Nanc, happy. Blooms on my mini gardenia, sparkling water on Barfield Bay as seen from my upstairs porch first thing in the morning, angel hair pasta with homemade marinara, spotting a baby burrowing owl, a really good book, a hearty laugh with precious friends…. all this and so much more causes me to feel happy. What about you??

Affirmation: I claim happiness.

Coaching questions: List five things that make you happy. If you’re not feeling happy, what can you do to change your mood? How important is it to you to be happy?


3 thoughts on “Let’s Get Happy

  1. Happiness is often a matter of choice: you can choose to see the good, find the silver lining, feel a blessing, in any situation. It would be foolish to deny that unhappiness comes to us all from time to time, but wallowing in it is unhealthy on many levels. We can accept that something has made us unhappy, and then choose to move on, and see how the experience has made us stronger, or wiser or better in some way. Happiness is not giddy and delirious most of the time; it is finding joy in small things, in our lives every day. The beauty of a sunrise, the miracle of a hummingbird landing on your hand, the sweet scent of blooming jasmine, receiving a note from a caring friend, a call from your child – things such as these are often enough to make your day! One only needs to look for the joy with an open mind!

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