One Step At A Time

The first step to finding any solution is to begin by breaking the problem down into the simplest pieces you can. Bahrain Akradi, CEO and Founder of Life Time fitness

When I’m having one of those days where there is a problem at every turn, I say, “It’s like being in the Bermuda Triangle.” At first I go into overwhelm mode. I like smooth sailing, orderly process. I’m married to a wonderful “problem solver” so if I can’t solve something easily, I turn it over to Ken. You’re saying, “lucky girl”…I know.

However, once I settle down I know to follow Akradi’s advise. Break the problem down to simple steps. Don’t stress. Take one step at a time. It works!

Affirmation: I am a problem-solver.

Coaching questions: What’s your problem solving process? Does it serve you? If not, what’s a better way?

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