Timeless Advise

The real man smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows brave by reflection. Thomas Paine, Founding father

In a couple of weeks, I’m taking my granddaughter, Tuscany, and son, Dan, to see Hamilton the Musical on stage in Chicago. I’m listening to the recording in order to get the hang of the music and to better understand the story. In one early song, Aaron Burr, later Jefferson’s Vice President, offers some advise to young Hamilton who is asking him how he took the fast track through Princeton. Hamilton needs some assistance since he just punched the University’s Purser. Burr says, “Smile more. Talk less.”

This seems like timeless advise for us all…except, perhaps, the extremely shy and introverts among us. Talking less and smiling more is also the underlying principle of better listening. Intense, eye-to-eye listening is a gift to those around you…your family, friends, even strangers.

Affirmation: I listen.

Coaching questions: What motivates you to smile more and talk less? What difference does it make?

2 thoughts on “Timeless Advise

  1. Don’t “listen to respond.” Listen to understand. Often people aren’t talking to find a solution. They are looking for understanding/empathy.

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