Gratitude The Japanese Way

In Japan, you say Itadakimasu before each meal to show respect to every life that went into creating your dish and to give thanks for both the food and your ability to receive it. Quoted from Oprah Magazine

It’s been my tradition since I was a little girl to say grace before each meal so I was interested in this Eastern outlook. Saying grace, whether by using the word Itakakimasu or with a child singing their words, is a ritual that gives us an opportunity to pause and consider our abundance.

Gratitude is one of the primary tenets of a joy filled life. Being grateful, on purpose, at least three times a day is a good start.

Affirmation: I am grateful.

Coaching question: How do you voice your gratitude? Whatever your faith tradition, consider saying something out loud at your mealtime to show your gratitude.

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