On Becoming The Buffalo

Cows run away from the storm while the buffalo charges toward it—and gets through it quicker. Whenever I’m confronted with a tough challenge, I do not prolong the torment, I become the buffalo. Wilma Mankiller, the first woman elected to serve as chief of the Cherokee Nation.

“Do the hard thing first” is a common business productivity tip. “Feel the fear and do it anyway” is my personal mantra. Running toward the challenge, like the buffalo, rather than away from difficult choices, feelings, or confrontations, helps those who are willing to behave in this way, gain peace of mind sooner rather than later.

Life is short, take care of the difficult business of your life. Become the buffalo.

Affirmation: I can become the buffalo.

Coaching questions: What challenges in your life do you need to run towards right now? What first step will you take today? How will you feel after you’ve become the buffalo?

IMG_3413.jpgI took this photo a few years ago in Yellowstone National Park. Isn’t he beautiful?

2 thoughts on “On Becoming The Buffalo

  1. Which way is that buffalo running? He is a BIG beautiful creature. My choice usually is to do the chore I hate first. But I don’t always work that way. However, it feels so good when the hard chore is completed dosen’t it?

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