Tokens of Our Past

I have over five thousand costumes and props and cars, and I have a twenty-five thousand square foot warehouse full of memorabilia. Debbie Reynolds, actress

Unlike Debbie, I’m not a collector of stuff.  I do, however, always wear a diamond ring that belonged to my grandmother and my mother, both died in their 30’s, both were named Winnifred (my mom was called Winnie).

I wear the ring because I love it, because it keeps me connected to my ancestors, and it’s one of the few things I own that belonged to these lovely ladies. Twenty-five years ago I had all of my heirloom jewelry stolen. This ring survived because it was on my finger and I keep it there in fear of losing it. What special remembrance pieces do you value?

Affirmation: I honor my ancestors.

Coaching questions: Is there something that belonged to someone in your past that is especially meaningful to you? Why is it important? Take a moment to think about the connection.

2 thoughts on “Tokens of Our Past

  1. 45+ years ago, on the day of my wedding, I got up at 5:00 am to fix a lovely brunch for all of my aunts, cousins, friends, and neighbors. After we ate, my mom had a “what on earth is this” look as I handed her a gift box. I had bought a pretty little Waterford decanter for my parents, as a thank you for everything. The decanter now sits on a glass tray, in my bathroom, and is filled with rubbing alcohol. To this day I can look at this bottle and relive that time with my family and all the fun we had together.

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