Pen To Paper

What a lot we lost when we stopped writing letters (cards). You can’t reread a phone call (email/text). Liz Carpenter, writer, reporter, feminist

I’m one of those old fashioned people who still sends cards that require stamps. Judy, my creative friend, makes and sells custom-made cards. I send her a list of names each quarter and she mails me the beautiful, cards like those in the photo below.

Like Ms. Carpenter, I do like to reread, and occasionally save, special cards. I appreciate the time it takes to buy, address, stamp, and mail a card. The gift is in the effort every bit as much as it is in the message. Sympathy cards seem most important. In the midst of grief, calls are often forgotten (although they are important too), but cards can be treasured months later when the fog has lifted.

Affirmation: I have time to lick (or peel) a stamp.

Coaching questions: Have you ever received a card that you’ve saved or remembered? What was significant about it? Is there someone you’d like to honor with a card or letter today? Do it!


6 thoughts on “Pen To Paper

  1. We have received about 150 cards in the past 8 months due to illnesses and a death in our family. And I’m sure I will enjoy re-reading them again soon. But the one phone call that I remember getting when my father died over 19 years ago remains with me every day. So my vote is for phone calls too. Cards and letters are great, but sometimes phone calls come at the perfect time in your life. And knowing how important that call has been for me, I still find it easier to send a card then to make a phone call.

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  2. The written word:
    Looking through some old books deciding which ones to donate I found one that I could “let go of.” Inside the front cover it said, “To Lois, for no reason except I love you, Love Mom.”
    I kept it.


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