Save a “Starfish”

She wanted to be a shining star in the sky, ended up being a starfish thrown in and out by the sea. Tamanna, Indian actress known only by her first name

After a big storm, a young girl took a walk on a beach strewn with thousands of stranded star fish dying in the sun. She picks one up and throws it back in the ocean. A man walking by says, “Little girl, don’t waste your time. You can’t save them all. You can’t make a difference.” As she threw one more star fish back to sea, she replied, “I made a difference to that one.” 

I’ve been doing little things in an effort to make a difference during this political season. When I stand on a corner with a sandwich board with candidate’s names waving at those driving by or stand outside a poll as a greeter, it often feels futile until I remember the little girl with the star fish. Writing a blog can feel equally futile. How many readers do I reach? What difference does it make? And yet….if only one, it is worth it.

Affirmation: One little thing can make a difference.

Coaching questions: What are you throwing back into the ocean? What small difference are you making? If you’re overcome by the feeling of helplessness, do one thing to make  a difference — no matter how small.


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