Honoring the Past

I am bound to them, though I cannot look into their eyes or hear their voices. I honor their history. I cherish their lives. I will tell their story. I will remember them. Author unknown

In 1990, our home was robbed. The burglars took nearly all of my regular and heirloom jewelry (five pillow cases full) and all of our electronics. Because of this event, I have only a few precious things that belonged to my mother and grandmother who both died in their 30’s. With granddaughters of my own growing up, it’s time to begin to pass on these few heirlooms.

Even though they never knew these women, I want my children and grandchildren to remember them, know their stories, and honor their history. This Christmas I’m passing on a little ring stored in the finger of a leather glove that belonged to my mother and, perhaps, her mother. It is for my oldest granddaughter, Kavita. Her mother, my daughter, is named for these two women. May the ring be a symbol to help her remember the past.

Affirmation: I remember.

Coaching questions: What helps you remember the past? What will you do to pass the memories on? 


3 thoughts on “Honoring the Past

  1. I can totally empathize with this as I was robbed about 18 months after Peter died, so I have only a few things remaining that he had given me and most heirlooms gone. It was truly a horrible experience; I hope never to experience that again.
    Your granddaughter will treasure the ring! What a beautiful gift!

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