Hug a Pup

Dogs leave paw prints on our hearts – Author Unknown

It’s National Puppy Day! Who doesn’t love puppies? Even the word “puppy” makes me smile.  I’m not allowed to visit a place where puppies might be available for sale. I’m way to susceptible to buying one and my puppy days are behind me. I’ve had at least five dogs in my life, mostly poodle mixes. Dogs are a delight and also a huge responsibility. 

If you’re shopping for a dog, steer away from the puppy mills and consider a shelter. If you’re a dog lover, hug that puppy for me—even if he/she is all grown up. 

Affirmation: Pets are precious.

Coaching questions: What do/have your pets mean/meant to you? If you’re grieving after the loss of a beloved pet, who can support you and not belittle your grief?


Photo by Lydia Torrey on Unsplash

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