Looking Through the Eyes of a Martian

People from a planet without flowers would think we must be mad with joy the whole time to have such things about us. Iris Murdock, author

Here in the United States, it’s nearly summer and flowers are starting to bloom. Those first buds are the best, especially if the winter and spring were long and difficult. With so much flooding and tornados around the country, a sunny summer day filled with flowers will be a welcome relief.

I love imagining, as Murdock did, what flowers would look like from the viewpoint of a Martian. My guess is, they would be wondrous beyond words. Take a moment today to look outside and see your world with Martian eyes. See all that is blooming and have a sense of wonder beyond words.

Affirmation: I see my world with new eyes.

Coaching questions: What are you taking for granted in your life? What wonders of nature do you appreciate the most? What helps you stay in wonder mode? 


2 thoughts on “Looking Through the Eyes of a Martian

  1. And don’t you think that we would certainly have a wonder mode experience should we happen to find ourselves standing on the plains of Mars? We just completed a 6-week series on Wonder in my Bible study group. I find myself saying “I wonder” a lot. And it is more of a question to me. I.E. “I wonder what time the show starts?” or some such statement. I was never aware before of how often those words left my mouth. So yes, we need that wonder in our lives daily.


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