No Shame In Listening To Books

You don’t have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them. Ray Bradbury, American author

Years ago, when audio books first came out, I listened to books as much as I read them. I lived in the country and had plenty of time driving on country roads with no traffic to safely enjoy listening to a book in the car. One of my book club members scoffed at the idea saying I hadn’t actually “read” the book we were reviewing because I had “listened” to it. 

Fortunately, attitudes are changing and audio books are increasing in popularity. I agree with Niki Porter, Senior Editor of The Writer magazine, who writes, “There should be zero shame about listening to a book for pleasure versus reading one on paper. Stories bring people together. Never disparage how people consume them.” Read a book on paper, a screen, or with your ears. It doesn’t matter. Just read!

Affirmation: Reading enriches my life.

Coaching questions/request: What’s your favorite medium for reading? If you’re not reading, what’s keeping you away? If you’re not a paper/electronic book reader, try an audio book. Choose one that is professionally recorded. Samples are often free. 


2 thoughts on “No Shame In Listening To Books

  1. I read on my ipad using a Kindle app almost 100% of the time. I’ve tried audio books but find that I lay down on the bed while listening and fall asleep. The audio book keeps on reading to me, but when I wake up I have no idea where I’m in the story. I fall asleep while reading too, but the book just falls and doesn’t go on by itself. So as much as I enjoyed listening to a book while on a road trip, I don’t think I will be listening to too many books at home. I’m not a fan of the newspaper on-line or a magazine either. Those need to be printed on paper for me to enjoy. But I will stick with the electronic books. Also, I get most of my books from the digital library rather then buying them. However, I do have a few very favorite authors that I need to own and buy their books.


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