Are You a Humble Person?

Be like the bamboo—the higher you grow the deeper you bow. Chinese Proverb

It seems humility has gotten a bad name in recent years. Rather than being associated with great leadership and noble actions, humility is frequently considered a weakness or disability. Yet, throughout history, many who are remembered and whose lessons and accomplishments have survived the ages, were men and women who demonstrated humility. 

Here are three signs that demonstrate humility:

  1. You lift others up. Rather than putting someone down in order to make yourself look more important, a humble person looks for ways to lift up others.
  2. You allow others to sing your praises. Although you own your success, you are quiet about your accomplishments.
  3. You admit your mistakes. When you are humble, you know you are not perfect. You recognize your mistakes and acknowledge them when they are pointed out.

Affirmation: I strive to be humble.

Coaching questions: Name a person, past or present, who you revere. Did their actions represent a humble spirit? If living a life of humility is important to you, how do you stay on track? In what ways can you applaud humility in others. 



Photo by Daniel Klein on Unsplash

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