Learning How to Live with Uncertainty

Trust the wait. Embrace the uncertainty. Enjoy the beauty of becoming. When nothing is certain, anything is possible. Mandy Hale, author

If we’ve learned nothing else this year, we’ve learned how to wait. Trust, embrace, and enjoy the wait? Maybe not, but most likely, we’ve learned to live with uncertainty. It’s been a challenge. Humans don’t like not knowing. In fact, according to Robert Burton, MD, our brains are wired to crave certainty.

However, John Allen Paulos, mathematician, says, “Uncertainty is the only certainty there is and knowing how to live with insecurity is the only security.”

As we make vaccine appointments, wonder if our job is secure, consider the new COVID strains, or ponder how protected we are after we’ve gotten our jab, let’s lean on the fact that learning how to live with uncertainty and insecurity is making us feel more secure.

Affirmation: I’m feeling more secure in my not-knowing.

Coaching questions: What’s causing you to feel insecure right now? How are you dealing with your insecurity? How is waiting affecting you? What can you do to stay at peace in these uncertain times?

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

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