Get Unstuck From Emotional Pain

Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming from it. Helen Keller, author, teacher

Are you stuck in emotional suffering? There is no deadline on the time one experiences grief or other emotional pain. There are those, however, who become stuck in their suffering as they experience a hidden payoff— the familiarity, security and comfort in the old familiar ways of living and feeling. 

If you’re wanting to break out of suffering, know that stepping away is possible, just as we can step out of our comfort zone in other realms of life. 

If you are suffering due to long-ago loss, ask yourself, “Is this what my loved one wants for me? Is my suffering the best way to honor his/her memory?” 

Affirmation: I free myself from suffering.

Coaching question: What is the payoff you get by continuing to suffer? When you’re ready, what action will you take to move away from suffering? How will your life look without it?

Photo by omid bonyadian on Unsplash

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