The Power of Community

The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members. Coretta Scott King, author, activist, civil rights leader

I’m in the third rewrite of my debut, historical fiction novel about living on the Nebraska prairie. The story depicts one year, 1875-76, in the life of my great-grandmother, Elizabeth Schultz Horn. Although I didn’t plan for this, the theme for the book is the importance of community and compassion towards one another. 

The wild west of the 1800’s is known for it’s rugged individualism but, in reality, it was the interconnectedness and sense of community that helped families survive the hardships of life in one room houses on the prairie. 

What I’ve missed most over the past twelve months is community—up close, hugging, eye-to-eye comradeship—with family and friends. Unconsciously I created a powerful sense of community for my book characters so, for a few hours each day, I can magically connect personally with friends and neighbors. 

Affirmation: I value living in community with those I care about.

Coaching questions: What has being masked and physically separated from people you care about meant to you? What have you learned from this separation? 

One thought on “The Power of Community

  1. I feel very “alone,” not “lonesome,” that’s different. I don’t mind being by myself. I don’t get bored. But I feel alone.


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