Do You Need a Realignment?

It’s important to accept the we will keep falling out of balance and will have to keep re-finding our equilibrium. But that’s good. That’s living. Diane Barth, LCS, author of I Know How You Feel

A balanced life is an ongoing process. Rick Hanson, Ph.D. explains. “We’re very dynamic. We’re never on exactly the right course; we’re adapting.” He compares the process to riding a bike. You shift your weight as you turn a corner, or you make adjustments to avoid an obstacle. 

If your goal is to live a perfectly balanced life, you’ll be disappointed. Although balance gives us a sense of stability and security, it’s something we have to constantly redefine and refine. Pay attention to signs like anxiety, depression, irritability, dissatisfaction and unhappiness. All can be signs of a life in need of realignment. 

Affirmation: I strive everyday to realign my life and keep it in balance.

Coaching questions: What is your clue that your life is listing to one side or the other—it’s out of balance? What helps you regain your equilibrium? 

Photo by Scott Evans on Unsplash 

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