What I’ve Learned Lately

We should never stop learning, because life never stops teaching. Bahram Akradi, CEO of Life Time

I’ve had the opportunity to do on-line interviews lately and some interviewers have asked, “So what did you learn from writing a self-help book about mother loss?”

Here are the top ten things that come to mind:

  1. I needed to be brave enough to dig deep into my emotions and share what I found including finding a way to express the dark side of my mother loss journey. 
  2. Time doesn’t heal. It’s what you do with the time. Healing is possible when we choose responsibility, when we choose to take risks, and, finally, when we choose to release the wound, to let go of the past or the grief.
  3. Accepting the hand you’re dealt and moving forward in spite of loss is the way to freedom.
  4. To ask why is to stay in the past, to keep company with guilt and regret. 
  5. Knowing you have Alzheimer’s and having Alzheimer’s are two diseases. When a loved one has Alzheimer’s, you lose them twice. 
  6. How to create a blog and write posts for years, how to develop a web site, how to create a Powerpoint Zoom program.
  7. How to feel the fear of putting myself and my creative work “out there” and doing it anyway. 
  8. The importance of a great developmental editor.
  9. Expressing our grief through creativity is healing.
  10. Writing, publishing, promoting a book is really hard work but very rewarding. 

Affirmation: I want to learn something new everyday.

Coaching questions: What have you learned lately? What difference did it make in your life? 

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