Are You In Danger of Languishing?

Languishing is the neglected middle child of mental health. It’s the void between depression and flourishing—the absence of well-being. Adam Grant, writer

After more than a year of putting our lives on hold, have we forgotten how to take action on what we want? Have we gotten so comfortable with having a mediocre life devoid of the social, intellectual, and cultural stimulation we once had that stepping back into an active life feels like too much of an effort? 

In his op-ed piece for the New York Times, Adam Grant goes on to remind us that languishing dulls our motivation, disrupts our ability to focus, and triples the odds that we’ll cut back on work.  

Affirmation: I will take the action necessary to create the life I love.

Coaching questions: Are you languishing? If you are, what’s one step you’ll take today to take action and dare to do what you love?

Photo by Rakesh Shetty on Unsplash 

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