When Is Your Creation Good Enough?

Perfect is the enemy of good. Voltaire, French writer

As most creative people recognize, striving to achieve perfection is the bane of our existence. Of course the artist wants the shadows just so, the writer wants error-free copy, the musician wants to be pitch-perfect. However, constantly seeking perfection has diminishing returns. Spending all our time in a micro-battle can hurt the broader outcome.

The book, the pie, the painting, the concerto, the sweater will never be one hundred percent perfect. For many, the notion of the unseen flaw will keep them from proceeding or they will tinker with their creation until it’s no longer the beautiful, imperfect piece it was meant to be. 

As I begin the arduous task of rewriting my novel after a major edit, I’ll be striving for good. When I’ve done my best, I’ll declare the manuscript done. I’ll deliver a book to the world in it’s less than perfect state and hope it makes a difference to those who read it. 

Affirmation: I will strive for good.

Coaching questions: Is the notion of perfection holding you hostage? What project will you move forward with knowing that it’s not perfect?

Photo by Ungureanu Ionut on Unsplash 

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