A New View of Commitments

If we were to wake up and find ourselves in the middle of an endless summer with no obligations, no passions or interests to turn toward, no relationships to cling to—all of our commitments suddenly gone—I wonder if it would feel like freedom or like free fall. Joanna Gaines, Magnolia Magazine

As Joanna suggests, commitments don’t necessarily keep us from being free. Commitments can, in fact, be the very things that are holding us up, shaping our daily lives and futures. 

Whether it’s doing the weekly laundry (like the young man in the photo), making dinner, babysitting a grandchild, or writing a book, commitments are a positive influence. People languish when they have no purpose; commitments—those projects and people to whom we are dedicated—give us purpose and help us flourish.

Affirmation: I value my commitments.

Coaching questions:  What are you committed to? How do you feel about your commitments? 

Photo by Thomas Dumortier on Unsplash 

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