How Scary Is It For You To Take A Break?

Sometimes doing nothing makes way for everything. Hiral Nagda, Lifestyle Coach

I find solace in the discipline of routine. At times, I fear that once I step away, I’ll lack the mental fortitude to return. 

Last week, however, with the encouragement of my health coach, I broke away from all of my routines. I left my computer at home when I went on a week-long, out-of-town trip to attend a family wedding and other celebrations. I abandoned my daily food journaling, my gym routine, and my daily practice of writing (blogs, columns, book). I barely cooked. 

I discovered that taking a break from the disciplines of my life caused me to renew the value of their importance. I missed the results I receive from vigorous exercise, eating well, challenging my brain. I enjoyed my time away but, now that I’m home, I’m looking forward to getting back to the structures of my life.

Affirmation: Taking a break gives me perspective.

Coaching questions: What might you gain from taking a break from the routines in your life? What gives you solace in your life? 

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