Finding Meaning In Loss

Discovering positive meaning in the loss of a loved one can be a way of honoring them. Quinton Skinner, author 

Discovering and recounting positive stories that have emerged from the loss of a loved one may not erase our pain. However, positive stories like, “I became more independent after the early death of my mother” or “I became more empathetic to the losses of others” may help us find meaning in loss. 

David Kessler, who worked closely with Kubler-Ross and is the author of Finding Meaning: The Sixth Stage of Grief, believes that you can’t have meaning without hope.

We often hear of parents, and others, who establish charities in honor of their lost loved ones. Why? Because this helps them attach meaning to the loss. Meaning, in turn, gives the bereaved hope. The heart may never be the same but it can return to joy, hope, and meaning.

Affirmation: When I’m ready, I will search for meaning in my loss.

Coaching questions: How will you find meaning in your loss? What meaning have you already found?

Reminder: Your loss isn’t a gift, a lesson, a test, or something to handle. 

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