I’m Curious,What’s Your Story?

Curiosity is pure. If you believe every person has a great story, you will find that you are right. Sometimes a simple question is all it takes to reveal it. The Medium

Have you ever found yourself in a room full of strangers and wondered how to navigate? Being genuinely curious is a great start. Opening a conversation with, “I’m curious, what brought you here or how do you know the hostess?” Whether the person is quiet, sad, mean, angry, joyful, or funny she has a story and, with the right questions and a ready listener, will engage in conversation. 

My son-in-law, Sushil, isn’t a gregarious guy and yet, people love talking with him because he is genuinely curious about almost everything. He asks good questions, listens intently, then asks a follow-up question so you know he’s listening and interested in what you’re saying. He’s a listener first, a talker second. Although I’m genuinely interested in people and many topics, I’m a little too delighted to tell my stories. I aspire to be more like Sushil.

Affirmation: I’m curious and listen to others.

Coaching questions: What holds you back in a social setting? How are you at listening and being curious? How do you respond to the premise that everyone has an interesting story? 


Photo by Alexis Brown on Unsplash

Discovering the Heart of Change

Conversation is the currency of change. Margaret Wheatley, American author

In a time when there is great division in our country and around the world, conversation is paramount. Change happens when “the other” has a name, a face, and is willing to honestly share his or her views. You may still have differing opinions. However, when there is conversation, there is the possibility of relationship, understanding, and change.

It’s comforting to gather with like-minded friends and colleagues. It’s a growth opportunity to expose oneself to diverse ideas, cultures, ages, life-styles. 

Affirmation: I want to be in conversation.

Coaching questions: In the past, what conversations have helped you change and grow? What conversation do you need to have today?