I’m Curious,What’s Your Story?

Curiosity is pure. If you believe every person has a great story, you will find that you are right. Sometimes a simple question is all it takes to reveal it. The Medium

Have you ever found yourself in a room full of strangers and wondered how to navigate? Being genuinely curious is a great start. Opening a conversation with, “I’m curious, what brought you here or how do you know the hostess?” Whether the person is quiet, sad, mean, angry, joyful, or funny she has a story and, with the right questions and a ready listener, will engage in conversation. 

My son-in-law, Sushil, isn’t a gregarious guy and yet, people love talking with him because he is genuinely curious about almost everything. He asks good questions, listens intently, then asks a follow-up question so you know he’s listening and interested in what you’re saying. He’s a listener first, a talker second. Although I’m genuinely interested in people and many topics, I’m a little too delighted to tell my stories. I aspire to be more like Sushil.

Affirmation: I’m curious and listen to others.

Coaching questions: What holds you back in a social setting? How are you at listening and being curious? How do you respond to the premise that everyone has an interesting story? 


Photo by Alexis Brown on Unsplash

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