Learn to Overcome Negative Thinking

You don’t have to believe everything you think. Why stay in a prison of self when the door is wide open? Let everything go. Let everything be. Dr. Bob Stahl and Steve Flowers, Mindful experts

According to Melody Wilding, Executive Coach for sensitive high-achievers, an effective way to work with negative thoughts is by following a simple mindfulness exercise including allowing negative thoughts to pass through your mind. As you do this, watch out for stories you’re telling yourself such as, “this always happens,” “I should have done….” or “I never do anything right.” Choose to use empowering rather than negative self-talk. 

Follow the advice of the mindfulness experts as you decide to let negative thinking go. When you practice releasing negative thoughts, be compassionate with yourself. Changing your mindset isn’t easy but being proactive about overcoming negative thinking can put you on a new, positive road.

Affirmation: I think positive thoughts.

Coaching questions: What can you do to help yourself think more positively? How will positive thinking benefit your life? What is a first step to letting go of negative self-talk?