Tacos Anyone?

Surround yourself with tacos, not negativity. Quote from Borracha Mexican Cantina website

Today is National Taco Day and I thought I’d celebrate by lightening up this blog a bit. You can only write/read about dead moms, dementia, and cancer for so long or, believe me, it will get to you. The name of this blog, however, is motherloss so sometimes I do have to stick with the program.

What’s your favorite taco? I personally love fish tacos served with a yummy lime-cilantro crema. I make it with mayonnaise, sour cream, scallions, lime, garlic, and cilantro. I think that combination of ingredients would probably be good on just about anything. Just Google fish tacos with crema for the recipe. 

So, have a taco today with salsa, crema, guacamole, or any other great toppings and take a break from what’s going on “out there.” (I’m going to take my own advice)

Affirmation: I will surround myself with tacos.

Coaching questions: What kind of tacos are you having tonight? Can I come over?


6 thoughts on “Tacos Anyone?

  1. Fun way to improve a day! Just went to Taco Bell for the $5 taco box special, 4 tacos, crunchy, nacho cheese, cool ranch, and fiery! Delicious. No negativity here-just smiles. I am surrounded by one less taco, now onto the other 3. Happy Day to all- Grace P

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  2. I may travel to Taco Bell tonight too as I have a gift card that needs to be used soon. I like fish tacos too but Taco Bell doesn’t have that kind. Oh Well. Some other time.

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      1. We did go out for tacos but not to Taco Bell. So I did have fish tacos. Also beans, rice, tomatoes, lettuce and a jalapeno sauce on the side. I don’t do jalapenos very well, so I shared that with Scott. We saw two people come into the restaurant dressed as tacos. There was a promotion of a free meal if you came in costume. It was fun.

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