Is My Red Your Blue?

Perhaps your blue is my red. Each of us comes to the world with an individual perspective and experiences life in a unique way. Impractical Juggler, from Medium Daily Digest

My dad, husband, and grandson are/were color-blind. Their purple is my blue and their orange is my red or pink. This is a concrete example of how our internal worlds can be different. Now, consider all the other perceptions others make that are unlike our own. Our internal worlds are not absolute. 

When we learn to base our interactions on the fact that we are all unique and come with different perspectives, we have a chance for greater empathy and understanding. In my experience, I’ve learned that whatever I thought I knew can be questioned by another with a different understanding, set of experiences, or vision. Only when we learn to understand and embrace our differences will we have a chance for peace. 

Affirmation: I embrace internal differences.

Coaching questions: How have you been misunderstood? What can you do to have greater understanding of those who perceive things differently?


2 thoughts on “Is My Red Your Blue?

  1. My family includes a nephew who is dyslexic who has earned a PHD. Tracing back in the family for others with this disability, it seems like his father, my brother, was too. We also suspect that our father was too. Now the family is watching his children and think his daughter has inherited the disability. They cannot diagnose her until she is about 8 years old. But we all know that although these family members see the world differently then the majority, they can achieve great things by learning different ways of coping. My nephew earned his PHD. Works for the government in testing for water contamination. And is an extreme skier which means he goes on ski trips that are 50-100 miles long through all kinds of country. So we are not worried about red and blue but left and right. It takes all kinds to make a family.

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