Writing Can Be Healing

While I wouldn’t consider it a viable substitute for therapy and counseling, writing about our painful experiences can cause them to lose their power over us. Srinivas Rao, author and podcast host.

I dedicate this blog to my mom, Winnie (pictured here), who only enjoyed thirty-four years on Earth but has not been forgotten. Writing a book about my mother loss along with the experiences of nearly fifty other daughters, is powerful and healing. The book led to this blog and I hope the blog has made a difference.

In the last year people from over twenty countries have read this blog with over 7,000 views. When I write, I picture some of my dear followers and friends who tell me they read it consistently. They are the impetus to keep going. I don’t want to let them down. I’m not stopping. I will continue to blog, just not every day. Become a follower so you won’t miss out. I’m considering including a “what’s for dinner?” post since I’m a foodie. Stay tuned and thanks for being there.

Affirmation: My writing is powerful.

Coaching questions: What’s in your heart that might be important to write about? How might writing make a difference for you or others? 


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