Writing Can Be Healing

While I wouldn’t consider it a viable substitute for therapy and counseling, writing about our painful experiences can cause them to lose their power over us. Srinivas Rao, author and podcast host.

I dedicate this blog to my mom, Winnie (pictured here), who only enjoyed thirty-four years on Earth but has not been forgotten. Writing a book about my mother loss along with the experiences of nearly fifty other daughters, is powerful and healing. The book led to this blog and I hope the blog has made a difference.

In the last year people from over twenty countries have read this blog with over 7,000 views. When I write, I picture some of my dear followers and friends who tell me they read it consistently. They are the impetus to keep going. I don’t want to let them down. I’m not stopping. I will continue to blog, just not every day. Become a follower so you won’t miss out. I’m considering including a “what’s for dinner?” post since I’m a foodie. Stay tuned and thanks for being there.

Affirmation: My writing is powerful.

Coaching questions: What’s in your heart that might be important to write about? How might writing make a difference for you or others? 


What’s Your Challenge?

What we hope ever to do with ease, we must learn first to do with diligence. Samuel Johnson, eighteenth century writer

In one month and two days, I will have posted a blog for 365 consecutive days. I challenged myself to do this so I could become a better writer, share ideas that are important to me, and add to my marketing platform. Thank you, Dear Readers and Followers, for encouraging me and my journey worthwhile.

I believe that writing is a learned skill. Perhaps some people have more natural writing ability than others just as some are better at numbers or visual arts or mechanics. However, I believe what Dr. Johnson said centuries ago, diligence is the key to success in whatever we choose to do. Putting one foot in front of the other, day after day. Writing isn’t glamorous. Many days it requires slogging through word after word, sentence after sentence of ideas you joyfully expressed months or years ago to bring them to perfection. In other words, more than anything else, it takes diligence.

Affirmation: I am diligent.

Coaching questions: What success have you experienced through pure diligence? What would you like to do next? Exercise your diligence muscle and you can accomplish your goals.