What’s Your Purpose?

There continues to be a growing body of research to support the impact of purpose on mental and physical health and how it can lead to longer life expectancy. Blue Zones newsletter

Dr. Robert Butler, the first director of the National Institute on Aging, estimated that an ability to define your life meaning adds to your life expectancy. His study found that individuals who had something to get up for in the morning that made a difference to them, lived longer and were sharper than those who did not.

My friend and I recently discussed this issue and drew the same conclusion. We also concluded that, as we age, we frequently need to overcome challenges, either mental or physical, to do that which brings meaning to our life. Sometimes our goals have to change with our abilities. Quilting might take the place of rigorous gardening for instance. As I consider this issue, I’m reminded of Helen Keller and Stephen Hawking. Physical disability need never be a factor as we define and carry out a meaningful life purpose.

Affirmation: I have purpose in my life.

Coaching questions: How do you define your purpose? What gets you up everyday (especially if you’re retired)? If you feel lost, how will you discover renewed purpose in your life? 


Photo by BBH Singapore on Unsplash

7 thoughts on “What’s Your Purpose?

  1. Thanks for affirming what I believe in and try to practice. Good job. I have thought about calling you, but all I can say is good bye again. Boo Hoo

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  2. I call the PURPOSE the reason to get up and comb your hair. I guess I’m in the process of re-defining my general purpose. But I manage to get up and get my hair combed every day. I do that because I have booked an activity almost every day. And then re-doing my mental to-do list too. It is working for me now.

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  3. Really good post!! When I retired (the first time) a former Board member told me, “It’s different. You’ll be surprised.” My reply was, “I know how to be at home and I know how to be poor.”
    It IS different and it took me a while to figure out what that difference is. The difference is I have no one and no thing that I “have to take care of.” Children are grown, husband has a different wife, job is gone.”
    I have found quite a few purposes now — ones with less stress, fewer deadlines, and ones that bring joy to my life. I am very careful not to over commit myself.

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