Considering Mother As A Verb

What Julia Ward Howe had in mind in 1870 when she invented Mother’ s Day was a day on which we oppose war and advance peace. In other words, it wasn’t Mother’s Day, but a Mothering Day. Gloria Steinem, American journalist

When we think of Mother’ Day we think of honoring a person who brought a child into the world—a mother. If we take Steinem’s lead and consider mother as a verb, we come up with a completely different take on the day. 

Mothering can be done by male or female, old or young, birth parent, adoptive parent, or friend. When you mother someone, you show them empathy, love, and thoughtfulness. You care greatly about their welfare. Mothering is love freely given. One can become a mother by happen-stance but one mothers from a sense of purpose and love. 

Affirmation: I will consider what it is to mother.

Coaching questions: Who has mothered you? Who do you mother?

Photo by Joice Kelly on Unsplash 

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