Taking Care of Today Is Enough

So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today. New Living Translation of Matthew 6:35

When I read Matthew 6:35 in light of today’s world, I want to shout, “No kidding!” It seems like every day brings new “troubles” and “today’s trouble is (certainly) enough for today.” 

I’m a planner. In doing research for my book about mother loss, I discovered that it’s not unusual for people who have experienced early loss like to feel in control since they lost control of their life’s narrative so early. Planning is an artificial way to feel “in control.” For the first time in my life I’m in a circumstance of not planning beyond a few days. Plane travel—who knows when? House guests—who knows when? Meetings in person—who knows when? I’m going to reframe my frustration into an opportunity to learn to live more fully in the present and let the future just “be” for now.

Affirmation: I can be content without a plan.

Coaching question: In what way does Matthew 6:35 speak to you? 


Photo by Sebastien Gabriel on Unsplash

Exchanging Perfection for Good-Enough

More smiling, less worrying. More compassion, less judgment. More blessed, less stressed. More love, less hate. Roy T Bennett, author

Are you striving to replicate the perceived “perfect” Christmas of your childhood for your grand children? Perhaps you want to impress your in-laws or not be judged by them. Maybe good-enough just doesn’t measure up to your personal desire to control the situation and make everything exactly right. 

It’s that time of the month to ask yourself, “What can I let go of?” Do I really have to make Aunt Susie’s rum balls? Who will I disappoint if I don’t? Accept the reality of not pleasing everyone so you can take care of yourself during this busy time. Loosen your attachment to an idealized past and create a good-enough holiday. Yourself will thank you and so will your children or grandchildren when you’re present for them and not a stress-out mess!

Affirmation: I can accept good-enough.

Coaching questions: If you’re stressed out right now, consider what you might delete from your activities, menu, gift-giving. What does a good-enough holiday look like?

Choose To Be Happy

Forty percent of our happiness, or lack thereof, is dictated by our genes, and about fifteen percent is by circumstances. That means you’re in control of about 40 to 45 percent, which is a lot. Dan Buettner, author of The Blue Zones of Happiness

Yesterday my daughters and I took their two youngest, Marcella and Sitara, both five, to Santa’s Village, a kiddie amusement park/petting zoo, for the day. At one of the girls’ first rides I noticed that Ken, the 60-ish ride operator, was extraordinarily happy as he welcomed each child to his ride, smiled and waved at them as they rode, said good-bye to each one as they left. We returned to Ken’s ride (it was a favorite) at the end of the day. I was hot and droopy but not Ken. He was still smiling and welcoming each child as they boarded.

Perhaps this is Ken’s retirement job and that’s why he seems to love it so….perhaps he is living off the meager income it provides. I have no idea but I do know that Ken has chosen to be happy and brighten the lives of little children and tired grandmas. Thanks, Ken.

Affirmation: I choose to be happy.

Coaching questions: In what ways do you choose to be happy? Who do you know that, despite their difficult circumstances, has chosen to be happy? In what way do they inspire you? If you are this person, know that you are inspiring others.

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