Seek Light In the Darkness

There is always some source of light in the darkness, shining on different opportunities, pointing toward new possibilities. Bahram Akradi, Founder and CEO of Life Time

When we experience loss, we often feel immersed in darkness. For some, it’s part of the grieving process. But know that there is always a source of light if one seeks it out. This light could come through our faith in God, an empathetic friend, or our own will to move forward. 

As Akradi says, the light points toward new possibilities and shines on different opportunities. A single candle can light up a room. Moving forward in the smallest way can yield a brighter future.

Affirmation: I will seek the source of light in the darkness.

Coaching questions: How do you deal with dark times? What helps you find the source of light?

Photo by Zac Cain on Unsplash 

Four End of the Day Questions to Ask Yourself

Self-reflection is like anything else in life: Small and consistent beats grandiose and occasional.  Bahram Akradi, CEO of Life Time

Already struggling with the goals you set for yourself for 2022? Accessing your progress on a daily basis will help keep you on track. Without daily assessment, you miss the opportunity to make adjustments when they’re small. 

As in business, when we constantly access, we can spot negative and positive trends and solve problems before they get out of hand. When we resist accessing honestly and often, trouble spots have a way of becoming acceptable habits.

Akradi suggests asking yourself a few basic questions at the end of the day:

  • Where did I do some good or make some progress today?
  • Where did I let myself or others down?
  • What can I do to keep my good habits going?
  • What can I do to address any negative triggers or trends before they get out of hand? 

Affirmation: To achieve my goals, I will develop a system to routinely access my progress. 

Take One Step At a Time

Break every objective into its smallest pieces and take action with just one of them, even if it is the smallest one and seems insignificant. Bahram Akradi, CEO of Life Time

If you recently set a goal to run a marathon, 26.2 miles can be daunting. Break it down and think of 29,000 strides, taken one step at a time, and it may feel doable. Writing a book is challenging until you consider one word, one sentence at a time. Losing weight starts with saying “no” to one dessert or one dinner roll. Last year, when I reached only a handful of people with this blog, I never dreamed it would be read by people from 52 countries within a year. It happened a day at a time, a post at a time. 

When we break our goals into smaller pieces and begin to take action, we can achieve our objectives. We can even play a role in turning around daunting, world-wide events like climate change by simple, everyday actions like eating more plants and less meat or buying locally. 

Affirmation: I can reach my goals and make a difference one step at a time.

Coaching questions: Where do you want to make a change in your personal life and/or in the life of the Earth? What’s one step you will take to make this happen? On a scale of 1-10, how strong is your commitment? 


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Editing Your Life

Good or bad, change is a foray into the unknown. Bahram Akradi, CEO of Life Time Fitness.

We all know that change is part of the human experience. We deal with change everyday whether it is in our relationships, our body, our environment, or our attitude. The world is constantly in a state of change. You’d think we’d have it figured out by now but change is frequently difficult.

The manuscript for my book is due back today from the editor. All the hard work I put into writing what I thought were the best sentences, paragraphs, profound thoughts and snappy conversation will be in question. Well not all of it I hope, but editing is about helping an author create their best piece of work. I’m ready for the change suggestions that I know are coming. Will it be easy? No! It’s the most difficult part of being a writer. Will I get through it? Yes, because I’m committed to making a difference and doing my best work. 

Affirmation: I can make changes.

Coaching questions: What needs “editing” in your life? What changes will it bring about? Will you make them?