Blessed Are the Meek

Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth. Matthew 5:5

I’ve always wondered about Matthew 5:5 which is part of the Beatitudes and Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. The definition of meek is a person who is quiet, gentle, easily imposed on; submissive. 

Yesterday, in a study with my pastor, I was introduced to a new definition of meek. The Greek word for meek is praus (prah-oos). Used in a sentence it sheds a bit of light on my dilemma. When a horse passed the conditioning required for a war horse, its state was described as praus or meek. The war horse had “power under authority” or “strength under control.” The horse had been conditioned to withstand the rigors and noises of battle under the authority of its rider without losing power or determination. 

As we become conditioned to the point of becoming praus as we overcome our adversities, we gain power under authority. Those of us who are believers, consider that authority to be God. 

Affirmation: I am meek.

Coaching questions: What strength have you gained from your training through adversity? How does it serve you? 



Use Your Power in 2019

Don’t underestimate your power. Hate is potent, but so is kindness. And goodness, and grace. Use yours generously. Oprah

2018 has been a tumultuous year in the United States and elsewhere in the world. Mass shootings, political unrest, war, lies, hatred, climatic disasters, children separated from parents, discrimination, sexual abuse and assault. It’s easy to feel powerless in the wake of psychological and physical chaos.

But, as Oprah says, “what I know for sure,” is how you treat every person in your sphere can and will make a difference. Don’t underestimate the power of goodness, kindness, and empathy. Don’t underestimate the power of your modeling—to children and others. Do what you can to make 2019 a gentler, kinder year. 

Affirmation: I have power.

Coaching question: What one behavior will you change in 2019 to make a difference in our troubled world? 


Get Into Action

Somewhere inside of all of us is the power to change the world. Roald Dahl, British novelist, short story writer, screenwriter, fighter pilot

It’s mid-term election day in the United States. Many have literally died and been imprisoned to give you the right to vote. Not voting empowers others. For the first time in my life I’ve been politically active and involved. One of the most frustrating circumstances any of us can experience is the feeling of having no control over our destiny. That’s why I’ve become politically active. My values are being challenged, the future of my grandchildren and the world they will inherit are at stake and I have to do something beyond hand wringing. 

If you feel out of control in an area of your life, taking an action, no matter how small, can help you regain your balance and power. 

Affirmation: I have the power.

Coaching questions: In what areas of your life do you feel you have lost control? What action can you take to regain your equilibrium?

Finding Peace

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.  Jimi Hendrix (1942-1970), American rock guitarist, singer, and songwriter.

It feels as though our nation and our world are in unprecedented turmoil. The power of love is definitely not overcoming the love of power as Hendrix was suggesting. As much as I believe in being an informed advocate for what we believe, taking a breather from it all is valuable as well.

Take a moment and consider the swan. Her life may not be as peaceful as this photo from my local park portrays, but the image gives us a focal point on which to rest our minds and our hearts. Now, if only for a few seconds, take a deep breath and just BE.

Affirmation: I am at peace.

Coaching questions: What helps you keep peace within yourself? If you feel harried, what is one thing can you do to feel more peaceful?

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