Taming COVID-19 Anxiety With Creativity

Just make something. Todd Brison, author

In a recent Medium post, Todd Brison wrote this about creativity endeavors, “This is your space. You have complete dominion. Hope is found here. Peace is found here. Silence, too. Acts of creation cannot heal a broken past. They cannot repair a world of despair. They cannot guarantee future hope. However, they can provide shelter in a storm.” 

My research and personal experience tells me that what Brison writes is true. In fact, Step Four in MOM’S GONE, NOW WHAT? is “Stir Up Your Creativity.” Generally, people don’t become more creative in spite of tragedy, they turn to creativity because of tragedy. They use creative endeavors to calm the anxiety related to uncertainty brought on by loss…and, there is no doubt, we are experiencing a heightened sense of loss right now. Paint, knit, cook, garden, learn a language, color…stir up your special creativity to bring you calm as you shelter in the storm.

Affirmation: I find comfort in creativity.

Coaching question: How will you tap into your creativity? 

(I’m coloring – see photo)



Finding the Stillness Inside

In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you. Deepak Chopra, author

Sunday is the beginning of Advent (also the beginning of Hanukkah for my Jewish friends). For Christians, the next twenty-four days are a time of preparation for the birth of Christ. In our culture “preparation” means baking, card writing, gift shopping, decorating, parties.

Preparation can also be a time of giving to those less fortunate–those in need of our money, our time, our love and comfort. For me, preparation is also a time to “be still and know” in the midst of movement and chaos. To help me achieve this, I’m reading Love Came Down by Janice Wilhelm, a daily advent devotional. I want to just “be” for a few minutes every day during this season of hustle and bustle. 

Affirmation: I can be still.

Coaching question: How are you preparing for Christmas? What helps you keep stillness inside? How will you orchestrate moments of stillness during this busy time of preparation? 


Lunch With My Daughter

The more a daughter knows the details of her mother’s life, the stronger the daughter. Anita Diamant, author of one of my favorite novels, The Red Tent

I know few details of my mother’s life…she has been gone from mine for 64 years. Writing a somewhat biographical book on mother loss has pushed me to delve into my history and, most especially my relationship with my mother, like never before. So far, I’ve learned a few new facts but mostly I’ve been motivated to look deep within myself where the “knowing” lies. There I’ve discovered new feelings, similarities, relationship issues, and more that I never before considered. It’s a journey.

Today I’m having lunch with my middle daughter, Katie. We are “talkers” so we know much about one another’s lives. However, even after nearly 43 years together, there is still much to know, to understand, to empathize with. I’m seeing with new eyes how having lunch together is not only a joy but a privilege many don’t get to experience.

Affirmation: I can access the “knowing” within me.

Coaching questions: Take a moment to make contact with the Wise Woman inside yourself. What is she telling you?